Yes, Food CAN be Your Medicine! Join me for an interview with Head APD, Jessica Bauer.

March 16th, 2018

Food CAN be your Medicine!

And our Australian Head Accredited Practising Dietician, the lovely Jessica Bauer is here to show you just how EASY it is to improve your mood with food! She shares her valuable insights on the do's and don'ts of eating well, tells us how she arrived at the decision to become a dietician and she busts few myths along way. You wont want to miss this interview - it's delicious!

Who is All Psyched Up!?

Located on the gorgeous coastal Mornington Peninsula, we are a brand new holistic health and wellness practice and our philosophy is that we treat the whole person and not just their condition. Our team includes Psychologists, Reiki Practitioners, Dietician, Counsellors, Women's and Family Health Counsellors, Child Psychologists, Acupuncturists, Exersise Physiologists and more and yes, you'll get to meet all of them along this podcast journey. 


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