Why don’t kids come with a Manual?! Australian Clinical Social Worker, Brooke Shelton give her best tips for Parenting

April 21st, 2018

Why Don't Kids Come with a Manual?!

Today's very special guest is the lovely Clinical Social Worker, Brooke Shelton from Melbourne, Australia. Brooke is a parent coach and child and family therapist. She has worked with many different families for almost 15 years and I hears the same thing time and time again; ‘this isn’t what I expected’, ‘why don’t kids come with a manual’, ‘will I stuff this up?’, ‘do I even want this?’

After working with so many different families and hearing this so often, Brooke looked at why families feel this way and found that the world we live in today often doesn’t prepare people for the big journey of parenting. People are isolated, they move around a lot, and family and friend support isn’t always available or enough.

Many new parents haven’t even held a baby before they hold their own. So how then can we expect you to feel confident in your own parenting with all the modern day pressures that we all face, and all the conflicting advice you are given?

Brooke LOVES to help people to feel confident in themselves and their parenting, and to work through any issues that may arise. Her goal is to help you work through struggles so the next time they happen you will feel more confident in being able to cope with them.

To learn more about her Parenting Facebook group and other services, please visit her website: http://www.brookeshelton.com.au

All Psyched Up! More Than Just Psychology

I started podcasting as a way of having yet another avenue to reach people who might benefit from information and support. I've been so absolutely fortunate to have had inspiring guests, like Brooke, on the show who have been willing to share their best information with our listeners. All Psyched Up is situated on the stunning coast of the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne Australia and we are blessed to have a team of very caring clinician's who's sole focus is on helping all of our wonderful clients to feel better. We offer our clients a Happy Menu and encourage them to try new things to boost their mood. It's a very special place. Thank you for supporting our podcast so that we can continue to offer information to others.


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