What you Need to Know About High Functioning Anxiety and Melanie Waugh Isn’t Afraid to Tell You!

March 31st, 2018

All Psyched Up! More than Just Psychology

If you can relate to feeling the proverbial duck-on-the-water, floating around calmly and gracefully on the surface with everything in control while you're paddling your little feet off under the water, then this is absolutely the podcast for you. Today, Australian Psychologists Dr Brooklyn Storme, PhD and Melanie Waugh talk about High Functioning Anxiety, what it is, how you spot it and what you can do NOW to mitigate the impact of it on your everyday life.

Why We Podcast

Because we LOVE helping! It's our absolute mission to help as many people with anxiety as we possibly can to realise that they are not alone. We offer all sorts of help for clients from psychology, to animal assisted therapy, to reiki, hypnosis, dietetics, sexual health counselling, acupuncture, exersise physiology and more. You can visit us anytime at our facebook page by searching for Brooklyn Gabe or visit our website to book an in-person or online appointment at www.allpsychedup.com.au 

Melanie Waugh

Melanie has a thriving practice in Queensland and loves working with clients in a way that supports their growth and change across the lifespan. Her practice focuses on helping those with mental health conditions by utilising a practice framework that more broadly focuses on people, who they are, their stories, their history, their day-to-day lives - not just their symptoms. She and her team love to help people reduce symtpoms of illness, but more importantly to focus on helping them to develop skills, strategies, resilience and emotional well-being needed to achieve crucial milestones across their lives and sustain personal, emotional and mental well-being. 

You can learn more about her and the team at www.mindspringspsychology.com.au and if you contact her through her website, be sure to mention this podcast to claim your free tipsheet.