The Episode that ALL Psychologists MUST hear NOW.

September 24th, 2018

Attention Psychologists

How did you respond when you heard that you'll likely need to close your private practice as a consequence of the recent APS Submission to the Medicare Review Board? 

The APS has openly stated that unless endorsed, you are not considered competent enough to work with your clients and instead, only with those that present with 'mild' symptoms. I don't know about you but I dont think in nearly 20 years of experience that I've ever received a referral for a client with 'mild' mental health concerns.

How do you feel knowing that a Clinically endorsed psychologist receives almost 50% more of a rebate than you do, when it has been recently revealed that approximately half of them do not even have degrees in Clinical Psychology?

How do you feel knowing that the APS has been openly stating that Clinical Psychologists achieve 'better outcomes' than you when the data states that there's no difference in the outcomes between you and them? 

Have you had enough or shall I keep going?


Here's what to do:

1)  Join the Australian Psychologist Facebook Group if you are a Psychologist 

2)  Sign our petition:…/enough-is-enough-all-consume…

3)  Sign Corinna's petition:…/APSsubmissiontotheMBSreview…

4)  Join AAPi - $250 for the year or $100 for part-timers, free for provisional     psychs. AAPi board members are all non-salaried and volunteers. They focus on action. Once you join, you will receive an invoice within a few days.

5) Sign up to Reform Australian Psychological Science:

6) Legal action is expensive. Please consider donating to the Australian Association of Psychologists inc (AAPi) Fighting Fund by:-
EFT to BSB 182 512 Account No. 961170248
BPay to BPay Code: 667022; BPay Reference: 961170248
Cheque to PO Box 107, North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051.
Credit Card phone 0418 391 820
Receipts will be issued for all donations
For further information telephone 0418 391 820 or email

7) Sign the petition to protest the Defence Health proposal for clinical psychs to be paid double what the rest of us get paid for seeing military personnel and their families:…/help-create-sustainable-care…

8) Please volunteer for Brooklyn's Working Party's to contact psychologists from the APS mailing list.

9) If you are an APS member and if you remain a member until after the election, you will get to vote and remember to vote for those who are committed to one-tier......

10) Contact your local MP, state health ministers and the federal ministers (Shadow Health minister etc.). Remember to send letters via post.

11) Join the Australian Mental Health Party

12) Talk to your colleagues and invite them to join this FB group. Mention what is happening at peer supervision events. Keep the dialogue going.

13) Getting tweeting on Twitter. Our admin team are called 'EqualAccessPsychology' and Justine manages our account. Please follow and retweet.

Please Note: The admin team are all volunteers who have no financial interest in any of these actions.

This fight can't be won without you! The amazing response we got from the Minister's office was only because many of you took action. Please share this post among your friends and family too (as they are disadvantaged by our disadvantage too). 

*reprinted here with permission from AP 24092018